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Causes Of Excessive Burping

Burping is an occurrence virtually everyone is familiar with. Practically everyone is guilty of letting out the occasional burp; quite a lot of times it provides comic relief to others around them, at other times the belching just doesn’t seem to stop. The question arises –  what causes relentless burping in humans, and what are the various physical effects associated with burping in people? This article is written specifically to provide you the answers to such questions and much more facts regarding this gastric phenomenon.

Causes Of Excessive Burping

Causes of burping a lot- What leads to those nasty sounding belches?

We all know what burps sound like and we notice people (and ourselves) burping around us. Now the question posed is what are the causes of burping a lot? How much can be considered as too much of burping? The main reason for burps is the expansion of e stomach on swallowing too much air. One reason, among many, for swallowing too much air could be eating in a hurry and not properly chewing on your food. The excess of swallowed air causes a natural reflux in your stomach, which causes the air to evacuate up the stomach through the wind pipe and finally out your mouth as a burping sound. These are the primary causes of burping after eating a heavy meal, or causes of burping after eating and drinking heavily, and improper ingestion of food and/or drinks.  So the next time you have  that tasty dish in front of you, remember the lines written here and chew your food properly and slowly to avoid a nasty burp afterwards.

Burping and chest pains- How are they related?

Burps, or belches as they are sometimes called, are not only limited to an unsettling noise. Burping process and chest discomfort are two things which sometimes go with each other. It is far too well known that as one lets out a burp, the diaphragm and the chest cavity also contract and relax with the burp, and as a result, at certain times, a nasty burp could be the trigger for a mild discomfort in the chest region.

 Hiccups and burps- The ugly siblings

Here’s another “disease” we are all too familiar with, the ever-evasive and hard to get rid of hiccups. Hiccups are in theory not too different from burping. Many a times, a person may suffer from a chronic bout of acute hiccups along with loud and uncomfortable burping. Expectedly, it is one of those conditions which becomes frustrating to try to get rid of.

So what exactly are the causes of burping and hiccups, specifically hiccups? Hiccups occur due to the same reason burping occurs, that is due to swallowing excessive air pockets. Hiccups may be considered as a set of rhythmic and intense type of burping, in which the frequency of the hiccups is greater than that of the burps, and generally the contractions of the wind pipe are more pronounced. As a result, the sound produced by a hiccup is thinner and “babylike”, unlike a burp, which has a louder and hoarser sound. Another point of difference between burps and hiccups is that whereas burps are accompanied by the release of gaseous odor from the mouth, hiccups do not result in emission of any such smell.

Hiccup remedies- What to do when the hiccup army attacks?

An average hiccup bout may last for about 5 to 30 hiccups at a time, and it makes the person suffering from them want to alleviate the bout immediately. At such a time, several of the following remedies may be utilized to get rid of the seemingly unending hiccup bout.

1. Pulling you knees to your chest level, and repeat multiple times.

2. According to test results, pressing gently on your eyeballs might help to combat hiccups.

3. Holding your breath for some time, then inhale deeply, and repeat the process.

4. Drink a glass or two of water.

5. To relax the stomach muscles it is advisable to put a small amount of sugar in the back of your mouth.

6. Cough forcefully and intentionally, and repeat the process.

Please note that if hiccups do not cease even after four to five hours, you are advised to consult a doctor, in order to diagnose the source of the hiccups and take necessary medication and/or other course of action.

Burping and acid reflux- The hurtful duo

Another common occurrence accompanying burps is heartburn, that is the acids in stomach which are carried along with the burps lead to a burning sensation in your stomach and throat. The main cause of burping and acid reflux is generally consumption of foods rich in oils and spices. Therefore, you are advised to cut down on spicy and oily foods to prevent acidic burps.

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