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Causes Of Excessive Burping

excessibe burping causes and cureThere are not one, but several causes that will get one burping every now and then; Angina is one of the most common chest pains that eventually result to excessive burping. It is a condition basically brought about by limited supply of oxygen due to lack of enough blood around the area. Bloating falls under this category as one of the main causes of excessive bloating. Many have experienced frequent increase of their abdomen diameter wise maybe out of constipation or something to that effect. One is likely to fill a full and the end result in most cases is usually excessive burping. The third possible cause of excessive burping is flatulence. It is not necessary. Basically it is an expulsion of byproducts that are emitted through the rectum as gas. As stated earlier it is a very healthy process that concludes digestion process in all mammals. Many are familiar with it as farting or wind breaking. If there is any strained condition to allow for this process, chances are high that one will fall for excessive burping.

Burping Remedy

Belching is rather more or less of burping which is basically brought about by swallowing of air. When eating or drinking, it is expected that one takes in some amount of air during the process. The air taken in does not undergo any digestion so it has to be belched outside; through the mouth.  A prolonged process of this activity is what we call excessive burping. In infants, burping is the most common thing especially at their early growth of between births to five months. They stand a very high chance of accumulating gas as they feed. Since they cannot talk they cry continuously as they burp due to discomfort. This condition in infants is commonly referred to as baby colic and in most cases the baby will seem to vomit milk substance.

Excessive Burping – Things To Avoid

High consumption of alcohol especially in barley form is a direct invite of excessive burping. Due to the reaction in the body of the gas and content of alcohol in the body, most drinkers burp especially when they try to talk or something of the sought.  Hasting while feeding is completely discouraged by health experts. They insist that one should give at least some seconds to the next spoon of food while eating. This will highly reduce the chances of over feeding and give ample environment for digestion to take place. Therefore no excessive burping will be experienced.

Basically it is important to watch what you eat anytime you engage in drinking or eating activities. Water has been a great remedy for burping since it suppresses the existence of gas in the stomach rubbing off any chances of excessive burping in the body.


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